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Purchase Tickets for the 2023 World Series Online Now

Game Locations:

Aug. 5 & 6: All games will be played at Chichester Park in Stafford County.

Aug. 7 - Aug. 12: All games will be played at Virginia Credit Union Stadium in Fredericksburg (Fred Nats).

NOTE: The Tournament Pass does NOT include access to the Fredericksburg Nationals game and team parade on Friday, Aug. 4. Tickets must be purchased separately.


All parents, friends and fans will be required to purchase tickets to attend one or more games throughout the tournament. All daily and tournament passes must be purchased online. All tickets must be printed in advance or available via a smart phone. There will be no cash ticket sales available.

BEST VALUE - A discounted Tournament Fan Pass can be purchased which provides access to all World Series games throughout the week (Aug. 5-12). The cost of the Tournament Fan Pass is as follows:

  • Early bird: $40 per person if purchased on or before midnight on July 30.

  • Advance: $50 per person if purchased on or before Aug. 4.

  • Regular: $60 per person if purchased on or after Aug. 5.

Click Here to Purchase the Full Tournament Pass.

ACCESSING TICKETS - The World Series daily and tournament passes are being sold on the FredNats ticketing platform. The receipt for tournament pass purchases will display as "Fredericksburg Nationals."  The confirmation email will contain a link to MyProVenue and purchasers will be required to sign-in to access tickets


  • Daily Fan Passes are $10 a day, per person.

  • Children under five are free.


To purchase a daily pass, select the day(s) below:

Saturday, August 5 (Chichester Park)

Sunday, August 6 (Chichester Park)

Monday, August 7 (Fred Nats)

Tuesday, August 8 (Fred Nats)

Wednesday, August 9 (Fred Nats)

Thursday, August 10 (Fred Nats)

Friday, August 11 (Fred Nats)

Saturday, August 12 (Fred Nats)


To purchase a game ticket to the Fredericksburg Nationals which has the pre-game parade on Friday, Aug. 4, click here.

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